I am a Professor of Nanotechnology in the School of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom. I attended Salford Grammar School and then went onto to Salford University to complete a BSc and PhD in Chemistry. My earlier focus was a career industry applying my knowledge and experience to solve real industrial problems with companies including General Electric Company, Ferranti Electronics, INMOS and VSW Scientific. I spent 3 years  at Salford University Business Services marketing academic expertise to industry, winning and managing research projects. I entered academia as Senior Lectured in Manufacturing Technology at the University of Northumbria and climbed the academic ladder at Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Ulster and to University of Central Lancashire to Reader, Professor and finally Head of Nanotechnology and Bioengineering.

My research is focused on using of nanotechnology/nanomaterials to solve problems in medicine, dentistry energy and engineering. I have supervised over 70 PhD students, published over 20 books, authored over 500 hundred peer papers, articles, columns  and conference papers. I have been editor in chief of 3 international journals, member of editorial boards and chaired numerous conferences and committees. I am passionate about applied research and developing students to do excellent research.

I will always be a student and impart my knowledge, experience and understanding to others through teaching, writing and speaking at all levels starting from nursery to mentoring more experienced people to reach their full potential in science, maths and personal development. I am enthusiastic about developing future leaders starting from a young age and helping to make the world a better place for everyone now and in the future. I want to make a contribution to improving the environment through the application of nanotechnology to develop a new generation of solar cells to replace fossil fuel energy sources.

Prof Waqar Ahmed BSc PhD FIMMM FRSC

Head: Institute of Nanotechnology and Bioengineering, School of Medicine, College of Clinical and Biomedical Sciences, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK