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If you have other people involved in your life, work and business then there will always be times when they will let you down. They will miss a deadline and you will be disappointed. When you expect people to be there they will be missing. When you need them to do something important at critical moments people will let you down. To expand your happiness and reduce your disappointment. Expect nothing or very little and you will not be disappointed. Whenever you receive anything in return, no matter little, you will be ecstatic and over the moon. Your happiness will expand and you will also have the satisfaction of having given your all and received more than you expected. At the same time the more you give the more people reciprocate and more you get. This is turn will make you extremely happy.

Big Dreams

Cultivate an attitude of giving your all and expecting nothing in return. The lower your expectations the happy you will when you receive something. If you receive nothing then you won’t be disappointed.

Expect nothing and you'll never be disappointed


Happiness Key 4

  1. Find a cause, passion or work you really care about and give your all every day as if its nothing.
  2. Expect nothing in return.
  3. Whatever comes back in terms of success and support from people you will be over the moon.
  4. Appreciate whatever comes back as if its a bonus or a gift that you really treasure and enjoy it.
Written by Waqar Ahmed