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I drive to work and then back home every week day. The journey last around 1 hour depending on the traffic. This at best a neutral experience. Normally, I complain about the time it takes to get to work; the tiredness I feel after the drive; the lack of energy; the waste of time; the traffic; other drivers on the road; the weather; and the road conditions.

I can’t avoid even if I complain about it. I want to make it a joyous and happy experience since I have to do it daily anyway. Here is what I did today to replace my complaints and replace it with something that will expand my happiness.

Appreciation is the highest form of prayer, for it acknowledges the presence of good wherever you shine the light of your thankful thoughts. Alan Cohen

Here is what I did to replace my frustration with happiness now.

  • Before the starting the engine I closed my eyes and took 5 deep breaths. I inhaled deeply and then relaxed to exhale naturally for about 5 minutes.
  • I set my intention to really enjoy the drive and make it an amazing experience by only thinking positive thoughts.
  • I put a big smile on my face and decided to appreciate everything I see during the drive.  I focused 100% on appreciation.

My self talk went something like this

This is a wonderful car. I am grateful to all the people that designed it, made it, painted it, put it in the showroom and sold it to me. Its so comfortable and smooth. It handles so well. i really enjoy driving it. I like the technology that connects it to my phone and the computer that stores my phone numbers. The heating system is so efficient, it warms up so quickly. My car has wonderful heaters under the seats keeping warm and comfortable.

The motorway is wonderful. I like the workers that keep the road free of faults, clean and clear making my drive smooth and easy. In England we have the best signage in the world. They are put in just the right place. They get you easily from one place to another. There are many wonderful cars on the road. That driver was so considerate and kind; he gave me way.

I am driving through the wonderful country side. It green and beautiful. We are blessed with rain which makes the plants grow. Its amazing that these plants just being there give oxygen we need to survive, feed us with nutrients which give us energy and vitality. I love the workmen and the people that keep the fields and motorways in such perfect conditions. I love the countryside. Living in Manchester is amazing. You have all the convenience and facilities of a big cities. Its have such depth, culture and variety. On Cheetham Hill Road, there are 81 different languages being spoken along a 5 mile distance. That is amazing. It must be the most diverse road in the world. I am so lucky to be living close to it. I can be in the countryside from the city centre within about 20 minutes. We have the best football teams.

I am so happy I work in University. I work with smart and considerate people. I get all the help and support I need. Everyone is there to help and they do a wonderful job. I have many friends there. I can’t wait to get there and talk to my friends. I learn so much off them everyday, My knowledge and understanding keeps improving. I can’t wait to get there. Its so exciting. I love my life. I treated with so much respect and appreciation from everyone. I have a great position. I enjoy helping people to fulfill their potential. I really appreciate the office space I have. Its so comfortable and I have everything I need to enjoy my work.

I just love this journey to work. Its wonderful. It get better everyday. I am being more joyous, so happy and super successful and so on…………….

When I arrived at work, I felt amazing. I looked forward to the tasks I wanted to complete. I was more tolerant of people and noticed a lot more things about people that I could appreciate. I felt confident about the day and the future. I enjoyed being at work. I felt privileged to have job in a University. I sense of enjoyment in helping students was enhanced. I was proud that I had the knowledge, experience and talents to colleagues, junior staff members and students. The day went really well.

I repeated the appreciation exercise when I drove back home from work. Normally I feel like its been a long day and that I need a rest. After today I came home refreshed instead of tired. I treated my wife and children with a sense of joy. I noticed more things about them I could appreciate and feel good about. The evening was amazing I watched football match on television and really enjoyed myself. I found myself appreciating the match even more than before even though I normally I enjoying watching the football, today it was even more enjoyable, My happiness had expanded. Nothing really changed in my life. It was a normal day but I enjoyed it so much and felt so happy and joyous about everything. I decided to practice appreciation consciously every day.

Extreme Happiness Key 1.

Try the following keys to expand your happiness.

  • If you are driving then find ways to appreciate anything and everything.
  • Put on your favourite music and during the drive sing along your way.
  • Listen to audio books you really enjoy.
  • Write down and memorise some affirmations you can repeat out aloud as you are driving along. Affirm your major goals.

Let me know how you get on with using these ideas.

If you have any more ideas on expanding your happiness during a journey then let me know in the comments section.

Written by Waqar Ahmed