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The education system is set to change dramatically over the next decade or so. Big changes are coming. Is there a better way to teach kids science, maths, geography or a new language than to have a teacher stand in front of the class and teach using a white board or a project and computer using Power Point slides with bullet points? The aim is to get students to memorize information. Almost half the students are lost, most of the other half are bored stiff. The middle few a getting some of the story. After a term they have exams which tests their ability to recall facts and out them down on paper either as multiple choice questions or written answers.

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The cost of university education has sky rocketed and students are in deep debt after several years of paying tuition fees and pay their accommodation and living costs.  On some courses students can have debts of up to £200,000. The universities sell it as value for money. If students don’t get high paying jobs it could take them over a decade or two to pay back the student loan. It’s almost as much as a mortgage on a house.

The education system needs to change and the development of technology, artificial intelligence, access to internet, robotics, automation, intelligent systems and imaging systems will enable a better approach than currently in standard practice.

Education has to be fun, delivered by the best people, tailored to the needs of each student at the same time and must be free.

If you want to learn how to perform surgery virtual reality can be used to put in a VR headset and glove with sensors and perform surgery and get the feel of performing the actual surgery. For children they explore the world of dinosaurs instead of reading a text book about Tyrannosaurus rex.  Physics, chemistry, biology or engineering experiments can be done in a virtual environment.

When we can combine virtual reality with artificial intelligence you can Noble Prize Winners and world’s best scientists and professors giving you are lecture whose content, language and pace are exactly tailored for the individual students. The best knowledge, materials, professors, facilities and experiences will be available to even the poorest of students all over the world not just to the best, brightest or the financially affluent. Hence, a student in my village in Shadiwal will have the same access to a Cambridge Professor of Nanotechnology as a student studying at Cambridge University.

The world of education is set to change including personalized medicine and 3D printing for body parts and it’s only around the corner.


Written by Waqar Ahmed